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Production Range
Textile Printing Blanket
Experience the true joy of Printing

Mahalaxmi Rubtech Limited (MRT) is a manufacturer-exporter of truly world class Rubber Textile Printing Blankets and Coated Fabrics.With a track record spanning 13 years and thousands of high-performance Blankets, MRT today enjoys a significant presence and high clientele loyalty in markets around the world.

The industrial philosophy behind MRT's IMPRESSIONS range of Printing Blankets is in fact a wish list of every Textile Printer. These Blankets meet his every need, pre-empt his every problem, and value-add his product quality in every sense of the term.

Textile Printing Blanket Brochure
Get ready for whole new level of precision, adaptability and reliability in textile printing.

Combining Rubber with High Modulus Polyester, the next generation of endless blankets from Mahalaxmi Rubtech Limited(MRT) has opened up infinite printing possibilities for textile printers.

Inner Toughness Meets Outer Adaptability

The new impression range offers the best of both words: the durability of rubber along with the rigidity and elongation control of high-modulus polyester.

New range Expands your possibilities by offering:

In addition to the new range, we continue to offer time tested ,classic rubber blanket.