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Textile Printing Blanket
Experience the true joy of Printing

Mahalaxmi Rubtech Limited (MRT) is a manufacturer-exporter of truly world class Rubber Textile Printing Blankets and Coated Fabrics.With a track record spanning 13 years and thousands of high-performance Blankets, MRT today enjoys a significant presence and high clientele loyalty in markets around the world.

The industrial philosophy behind MRT's IMPRESSIONS range of Printing Blankets is in fact a wish list of every Textile Printer. These Blankets meet his every need, pre-empt his every problem, and value-add his product quality in every sense of the term.

Textile Printing Blanket Brochure
Setting standards for the industry

Each blanket in the IMPRESSION range is the culmination of knowhow gleaned after years of working with textile printers, and exhaustive research and development to counter the on-ground issues afflicting them.

Chief advantages of the range include:
Superior Elongation Resistance
  • Specially constructed,pre-stretched Cellulose and High-Modulus Polyester Reinforcement
  • Exhibits excellent elongation control over long periods of operation
  • High resistance to cuts and shocks
  • Reduced edge-cutting, printing fault correction time and fabric wastage
Uniform Thickness
  • Uniform micro-gaugeable thickness of 0.05mm precisely maintained along the length and breadth of each Blanket
  • Fine, even printing registration and consistent absorption of both heavy and plain colours
Greater Compressibility
  • Elastomer-enriched composition to resist the “folding effect ” before and after squeezes
  • Optimal printing sharpness across different widths, even during high output runs
Remarkable Dimensional Integrity
  • Unique Multi-Layered Structure of Fabric and Elastomeric Formulation to evenly dissipate linear tensile forces
  • Optimally bonded layers for finely balanced flexi-stiff character and high dimensional stability under stress
  • High flex crack resistance to minimize cost of corrective measures like fault adjustments, installation and tracking
Unmatched Surface Reliability
  • Smooth, Glossy Printing Surface with remarkable resistance to Aliphatic and Aromatic solvents like hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, ketones, acetone, chlorinated solvents and esters
  • Impervious to dyes, chemicals, pigments and temperatures up to 100˚C
  • High affinity towards water-based, thermoplastic and permanent adhesives
  • Exceptional surface durability and minimum smearing for convenient cleaning
Easy Repair & Maintenance
  • Customizable solutions like underside waterproofing to cut down wear and tear due to waste assimilation under blanket, constant abrasion and exposure to solvents, dyes, chemicals and water
  • Repair kit included along with the blanket to facilitate quick repairs
Effective Cost Control
  • Economically priced
  • Minimum fabric wastage and reduced machine wear and tear
  • Longer blanket life and negligible breakdowns, hence minimal downtime losses