Single Acting Seals


(Dimensions Ranging From 1” to 16” & 25 mm to 400 mm)

Vee Pack sets are Single Acting Rod/Piston Seals for medium to heavy duty applications. The assembly consists of male and female Headers and an intermediate series of V Rings. By changing the number of V Rings, the assembled height can be altered. They are generally made of fabric-reinforced Rubber. V Rings made solely of NBR are used for low pressure Sealing with difficult working conditions such as pressure surges and misalignment.

Details of Profile, Application & others.


(Dimensions Ranging From 0.250” to 16” & 6 mm to 400 mm)

These are U-shaped Seals with lip-sizes larger than the housing into which they are installed. During assembly, the lips deform and exercise a sealing force that effectively prevents fluid leakage. When there is pressure in the system, it increases the force of the lips, enhancing the sealing force.

Diverse designs, geometries and materials are employed in the production of these U Seals (given below is a standard list). Other designs and materials can be sourced from MRT on specific requisition.

Double Acting Seals

(Dimensions Ranging From 1 ” to 16” & 40 mm to 400 mm)

MRT Double Acting Hydraulic Seals are used to seal the piston of double acting hydraulic cylinders. These seals are sized larger than the housing into which they are installed. When the seal is installed, it exercises a sealing force, preventing fluid leakage.

When the system is under pressure, the interference force increases and augments the sealing effect. Given below is a standard list of features and applications of MRT's Double Acting Seals. Other designs and materials can be supplied on specific requisition.

Details of Profile, Application & others.

Wiper Seals

(Dimensions Ranging From 0.250” to 16” & 6 mm to 400 mm)

MRT Wiper Seals prevent dirt, water, mud and other elements from penetrating hydraulic cylinders. They are made of elastomers, with/without metal casing. Their large-sized lips efficiently prevent entry of foreign matters.

Below is a list of features and applications of MRT's standard Wiper Seals range. Other designs and materials can be supplied on specific requisition.

Details of Profile, Application & others.

Wear Rings (Guide Rings)

(Dimensions Ranging From 0.250” to 16” & 6 mm to 400 mm)

MRT Wear Rings (also called Bearings / Guide Rings) are used in Hydraulics to prevent metal-to-metal contact between two dynamic surfaces and to obviate eccentricities in movement under fluid pressure. The Ring sizes are tailored to the rod/ piston diameters.

Below is a standard list of features of MRT Wear Rings. Other materials and sections can be supplied on specific requisition.

Details of Profile, Application & others.

Diverse Application Areas

As breathless industrialization catches up with the under-industrialized regions of the world, the scope for Hydraulic Sealing industry's growth is astronomical. MRT's Hydraulic Seals find a multitude of applications in various industrial activities of the 21st Century.

A Special Technology Pedigree

MRT Hydraulic Seals come to you from a tradition of nnovation in Rubber, spanning three decades.

The company is part of a multifaceted corporate group, with highly successful operations in Rubber Textile Printing Blankets, Rubber-Coated Fabrics, Inflatables and Moulded Rubber arts, apart from Textiles and Chemicals.

It is the highly evolved R&D culture and technology focus of his group, underscored by an ISO 9001:2000 Certification, that encouraged MRT to begin its manufacturing operations in Hydraulic Seals with a clear advantage.

Plant: A Quality Convergence

MRT Hydraulic Seals technology division features full-fledged machine tool shops, mould rooms, separate laboratories for various compounds and numerous material test rigs. Together, they lend the company the ability to develop optimal Sealing solutions for diverse Hydraulic applications, specific operating conditions, system pressures, temperatures and fluid media.

As MRT Sealing solutions emerge from high-precision moulds made in its own machine tool shop, the company is able to ensure higher quality, better efficiency, longer life, higher wear-resistance and superior physical properties for its Seals.

Its state-of-the-art R&D labs, backed by experienced techno-personnel, enable a high degree of customization, as well as optimal standardization. This techno-muscle also equips MRT to cater to new/non-standard applications and customer- defined modifications.

Meticulous Design Methods: Involved Customer Service

MRT Hydraulic Seals are made in ultra close-tolerance with moulded / bonded rubber and other select elastomers, through precision-moulding techniques, with the help of 3D-CAD and Acrylic Resin Modelling in Reverse Engineering. The three-dimensional construction allows functional simulation, obviates errors and enables standardization.

What is more, MRT products are backed by on-time delivery commitment, involved technical support and technology counsel, and it is the tradition of the company to foster knowledge-sharing relationships with its clients.

Quality As A Constant

At MRT Hydraulic Seals plant, a comprehensive quality anagement system ensures consistently high quality for its products.

The physical testing range includes instruments such as: Hardness Tester, Dimension Tester (Vernier Callipers), Thickness Gauge, Abrasion Tester, Flexing Machine, Analytical Weighing Balance, Rheometer, Shadow graph, Specific Gravity Balance and many others. The Seals are also cycle tested for fuel / oil resistance, temperature-resistance.

MRT has a repertoire of proven in-house designs to meet specific application requirements, and all its products undergo stringent, multi-stage inspections. Newly developed prototypes are cycle-tested for durability and validity of designs, materials and workmanship.

Know-how related to the materials used and dimensional data are shared with the clients on requisition.

Vision & Way Of Life

MRT's corporate philosophy dictates:

MRT. A single-window resource & knowledge center for the global fluid power industry, for Hydraulic Sealing requirements of all kinds.

Cavets, Cautions & Correct Usage Tips
Never Do:

Purchase a new Seal precisely the same size as the old Seal that is being replaced. Because all Seals shrink or swell with time / usage and vary from its original installed size.

Always Do:

Use a set of Vernier Callipers to measure the parts that will house the Seal and get the Seal designed for that precise groove size.

Ensure that the Seal housing has excellent surface finish, which is a vital component for good sealing performance, low friction and durability.

Provide the Seal supplier correct dimensions of: the shaft's outer diameter / the required Rod Seal's inner diameter, the housing bore diameter / the Piston Seal's outer diameter, and the relevant radial cross section.


Hydraulic Seals are designed for reciprocating motion in high-pressure dynamic applications in hydraulic cylinders. Compromising on quality could prove fatal for your projects.

A Rod Seal is press-fitted into a housing bore, with the sealing lip contacting the shaft.

A Piston Seal is fitted onto a shaft, with the sealing lip contacting the housing bore.

The most common causes of Seal failures are:

Wrong size.Damage sustained during installation (if proper installation tools& methodology are not used).

Faulty accommodation of Seal (bad machining / cracks / scratches)

Technologically correct Seals, installed into well-made Components, can give you many cycles of trouble- free service.

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Hydraulic Seal

MRT offers a comprehensive array of Sealing technology solutions to the global Fuid Power industry, spanning a vast range of Hydraulic applications.

The most important characteristic of MRT Hydraulic Seals is their capacity to adapt spontaneously and automatically to the working conditions, maintaining a constant sealing efficiency, minimum wear& friction.

  • 1. Dust Seal
  • 2. Rod Seal
  • 3. O-Ring
  • 4. Piston Seal
  • 5. Wear Ring

Superlative Sealing Solution

Traditionally, Rubber Sealing element (Lip Material) used in Hydraulic Sealing are: Nitrile, EPDM, Fluoroelastomer, Polyurethane, PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE), Nylon, Polyamide and many others. MRT employs its own proprietary material, which are specially designed and formulated with pragmatic approach to the demands of Hydraulic seals applications.

The Range of MRT Hydraulic Seals:

  • 1. Single Acting (Piston/Rod) Seals
  • 2. Double Acting (Piston) Seals
  • 3. Wiper (Dust) Seals
  • 4. O-Rings
  • 5. Wear Rings (Guide Rings)
  • 6. Anti Extrusion Rings (aka Back-up Rings)

Hydraulic Seals Brochure